Your New Weekend Routine

Why You Need a weekend routine

Do you find yourself feeling anxious on Sunday afternoon? As soon as the last brunch plate is cleared, you feel overwhelmed by workweek tasks. You fight a mental war between the to-do list on the horizon and the-weekend-things (you know, Netflix and Chill). In the end, fighting that war isn’t relaxing and that #sundaynightfeeling can suck.


Where there is discomfort, there is space for structure. It’s time you implement a weekend routine; a flexible weekend-routine.
Think about the things you want to do every weekend and make a list- not a mental list- an actually-written-down list. Name all of the accomplishments of your ideal weekend. Remind yourself of your priorities: family-time, organization, balance, making sure you’re retired by 30, whatever. Then write down actions that move you closer to your goals. Here are some examples:

Self Care:


Paint your nails: painted nails indicate a woman who takes the time to care for her appearance.


Wear a facial mask for a simple, 20-minute-self-care opportunity: slip on the mask and browse your favorite social media sight.




Errands are a mandatory part of adult life and they aren’t always easy to fit into the work week. Get your errands out of the way on Friday or Saturday, so Sunday you can be a homebody if you don’t have anything else planned.


Writing is a way of connecting with yourself and the world: blog or write in a journal. If writing is something you like to do but can never find the time, add it to your weekend routine.

Cleaning the house is necessary. We love to host, so our house needs to be clean.

Planning the week is an important part of decreasing the dread. Use time-blocking to visualize your schedule and to fill your available time with activities that meet your goals and match your priorities.



Friends and family are important and sometimes we can lose sight of that as the work week progresses. The weekend is a great time to remember to check in with your tribe: meet up for coffee or watch a funny movie.


Netflix and Chill. Plan time for your favorite activities. You love watching Grey’s and you can spend an entire weekend day watching episode after episode. Some days you need that. Make it part of your plan, so you can look forward to it and still get a lot accomplished.


A new view of Sunday

Here’s a new take on Sundays. Simply shift your mentality: instead of Sunday being the last day before the work week, it’s the first day of the week. It’s your day to get ahead for the rest of the week. Instead of dreading those Monday Blues, make Sunday your most powerful day. It’s a little shift that can make a world of difference.


What do you like to do every weekend? Let me know below!


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