Clean like it’s a race!

I hate cleaning. It sucks. If I’m being real, this is what my desk looks like right now (note the piles of paperwork, train toy, frames, coloring books and other nonsense on top of my desk as well as the box full of junk under my desk):


But…. I also really really like cats.


And smelly dogs named Gracie.


So, cleaning is a must in my house. Luckily my husband is a pretty neat guy, so it’s usually just me cleaning up my own mess and then we tag team some of the hot spots that get grungy.

We certainly do not live in a picture perfect home, and most days our house is cluttered, but we could generally be ready for company in a few minutes because we both employ these 3 habits:

On your mark, Get Set…

(clean as you) GO!

Bill’s a million times better at this than I am. Basically, when you’re doing something and you make a mess or see a mess, clean it up! I do this a lot with our bathroom. I’ll clean the sink while I brush my teeth. I’ll let the toilet bowl cleaner set while I take my shower.

Decluttering Sprints

I used to roll my eyes back into my skull when my Mom would tell me to “set a timer for 20 minutes” when I was younger. But now I can say a big “thanks Mom!” It’s hard to motivate yourself to clean your whole house, but when you set a timer and say “I’m going to do this for 20 minutes and then I can be done” it’s a whole lot easier. I bet if I did this every night instead of once a week, my house would be super clean and always ready for visitors.

Marathon Cleaning 

Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes, I’m in the mood to clean. It usually happens when I’m PMS-ing. At least once a month, I get the extreme urge to clean our whole house. I whip out the disinfectant and go to town. I think Bill gets the same urge every so often as well and between the two of us, the house stays pretty clean.

One last thing: If you can, make it easy on yourself

We’ve made our biggest cleaning need- vacuuming automatic, thanks to our Neato Vacuum, who we call Frank. He runs a few times a week and really helps keep the animal fur in check.

We invested in an awesome stand-up, cordless vacuum, the Dyson one that you can pull off the wall and take anywhere (even my car, which is super helpful after a muddy hike with the dog). I honestly love to use this vacuum. It’s like pulling out a broom.


cleaning visual

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