10 Things to do After Work That Aren’t TV

sad tvNo TV December

Bill and I are in a little bit of a rut following a few fall colds, daylight savings time, and the colder weather. We get home and there’s barely any light left in the day, so we eat and then we settle on the couch for some TV time. Now that Grey’s is on hiatus for a while, I wanted to challenge us to have a no-TV December.

1. Talk

It’s so easy to fall into the habit of zoning out every night, instead of talking to those around you. Whether you live with your Mom, Best Friend, or husband, you’re probably neglecting some part of that relationship when you’re zoned out, staring at the TV. Take a few minutes to call your Mom, talk to your love, or gossip with your best friend.

game2. Play a Game

I love doing this with Bill, but often I need a little convincing to start. Get out that deck of cards and get a little competitive! You’ll be glad you did! Play is, or at least should be, an important part of every human’s day! We’re loving a game we got from my friend Stef called
Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition (Explicit Content – ADULTS ONLY!) .” It is completely NSFW and HILLARIOUS.


A very blurry photo of a snowy nighttime stroll

3. Go for a Night Walk

It’s pretty chilly out here in New Hampshire right now. Despite that, our happy little dog is a little happier when she gets out for a walk. It’s a perfect opportunity for Bill and I to reconnect during the week without the interruption of our phones and “the real world.” Leave your cell at home and enjoy a few minutes disconnecting from the mayhem and connecting with yourself and/or your honey!

4. Read

I read self-help books in the morning #NERD. Before bed or whenever I have free time I’m either listening to a book from Audible or reading a “for-fun” book. Right now I have ” The Handmaid’s Tale ” queued up on Audible and The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America on my nightstand. I keep hopping between the two… cuz why read one book when you can read two? AmIright? You could also check out some of these great blog posts!


5. Clean

My husband’s going to laugh when he reads this. It’s day 6 of our no-TV December and I have spent ZERO days cleaning our house. But you COULD. If you WANTED…


6. Taco Tuesday

This is much more my style. Yesterday, Hubby offered to go for Tacos at our favorite restaurant. It’s a little crazy that just the mention of tacos or Tuesday makes us both run off to the local taco joint.

7. Get together with Friends

I love love love getting together with friends during the week. I still have hold-out guilt because *It’s a school night!!* But it’s a lot of fun. Usually my friends and I just vedge on the couch and watch a movie, because we’re sleepy adults who worked all day. Now we actually chat, have some adult beverages, and maybe play a game.


8. Shop for Christmas Gifts

This is just like cleaning for me. I’d love to do this, but I definitely haven’t done it yet! I’ve poked at my list of gifts a little bit though.


9. Plan for tomorrow

It’s always helpful to have a plan for your day. Take your free evening time to mindfully plan out your day tomorrow.

10. Exercise

I’m a morning exerciser, but found time is a great opportunity to work out. I’m obsessed with YouTube as my personal trainer. I used to go to a personal trainer (miss you Marci!) and she was great, but she also cost a lot of money. I opted into owning a smelly dog over paying Marci to make my ass look good. Check out Pop Pilates and Yoga with Adriene.


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